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In commemoration of the Day of the Spanish Constitution, which is an ideal moment to value and recognise the career of citizens or entities of our municipality, whose actions and participation in public life merit such a distinction, the Mayor’s Office wishes to recognise Mr. Gabriel Carmona Fernández, for his professional career.

D. Gabriel Carmona Fernández, born in Motril, discovered Estepona in the 60’s because his father’s fishing boat used to call at the port of our municipality.

D. Gabriel arrived in Estepona in 1971 to start a small supermarket and souvenir shop in the urbanisation Buenas Noches, continuing with the restaurant La Galera and since 1992 he has owned the Hotel Piedra Paloma which he established and consolidated as a family treasure and which has been an emblem of hospitality and quality. Although Gabriel has left the daily management of the hotel in the hands of his children, his legacy continues to resonate in every corner of Piedra Paloma. His vision, perseverance and passion for service has left a mark that inspires future generations.

In the conviction that the work carried out deserves public recognition and given that the 6th of December will be celebrated as Constitution Day, it is for this reason that from this Mayor’s office, as representative of the municipal corporation and in use of the powers attributed to me by the legislation in force, I RESOLVE:

FIRST.- To award a special mention to Mr. Gabriel Carmona Fernández on the 6th of December 2023, in the commemorative acts of the Spanish Constitution for his professional career.

SECOND.- To report to the Plenary at the next ordinary session to be held on the present resolution in compliance with the provisions of art. 42 of RD2568/1986 of 28th November, on the Organisation, Functioning and Legal System of Local Corporations.

Thus said, commanded and signed by the Mayor-President of Estepona Town Council on the date of the electronic signature appearing in this document. To which, as secretary, I bear witness and it is hereby transcribed in the book of Resolutions.

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